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TradeHub E.A.

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Trade Hub East Africa is a trade facilitation and development consulting company domiciled in Kenya. We work closely with governments, aid agencies, NGO’s and private companies to fast track East Africa’s economic development. The company has extensive expertise and experience in the areas of Customs and International Trade and Trade Facilitation principles

We are also the publishers of TradeHub magazine, a publication that is championing trade competitiveness in the region.

Trade Hub East Africa believes that entrepreneurs in this region must have a chance to compete more effectively in the local and global market place. We know the challenges facing governments and business community and we are here to find creative and practical solutions to overcome these challenges.

Our core business areas are;

  • Customs and tax modernization projects and programs;
  • Customs consulting;
  • Export Management;
  • Trade facilitation;
  • Capacity building.

Mission statement

The foundation for our success has been our dedication to detail, and to finding new and innovative solutions to our clients' many and diverse requirements

In order to build on our success we have made a commitment to continually improve the quality and range of services we deliver to our clients. We must:

  • Remain responsive to our clients' needs and expectations, and take personal pride in seeing to it that we have fulfilled our mandate.
  • Continuously seek to develop new solutions for our clients' international trade requirements
  • Embrace new technologies, keeping abreast of emerging market issues, trends and practices.
  • Provide ongoing education and training to our personnel to ensure that they are properly prepared to anticipate change and respond to a constantly evolving environment.

Above all, we must recognize that providing the highest quality of service is the key to our clients', and ultimately to our own, success.

Vision Statement

TradeHub EA’s vision is to be a center of excellence and innovation, capturing all facets of our clients' logistics business as one united team.

 Values Statement

Dedication and commitment:

We are dedicated to the success of our clients, our co-workers and suppliers. We understand that our success, as individuals and as a company, is dependent on their success.


We understand that teamwork is based on mutual respect and support across all divisions and all departments. Working together brings a sense of energy and enjoyment to our work that is reflected in the service we offer, and this helps to keep us competitive in the marketplace.


We want to deliver our best effort in everything we do, including

  1. our complete range of services,
  2. our recruiting and
  3. the training and support we give to our employees. “Good enough” is not good enough for us – we want to ‘wow’ our clients!

We welcome new ideas and we encourage change, because we know that’s what it takes to keep ahead of our competition. We understand that if you’re not moving forward in business, you are falling behind.

Social responsibility:

We recognize our responsibility to support our communities and our environment. We understand that we are more fortunate than others and believe in treating people and our environment with respect.



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Kenya Trade Network Agency (KENTRADE) is a state Corporation under the National Treasury that is mandated to facilitate cross border trade and establish, manage and implement 

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